Steam Fortune pt.1.  is Now HERE!

I have the pleasure to be part of an amazing new adventure!

I am working together with the amazing artist Agram and we have created a little love child: Zeitgeist Universe!

Which is a Graphic Novel/ Comic book series about wormholes, time travel, multiple dimensions and naturally STEAMPUNK!

Click the button below to get your copy today!

Comic Con Germany, Stuttgart 2016

We had a lovely time at the Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart this year, with loads of like minded people. What warmed our hearts was to see Steampunks coming to join in and show we can create great accessories and creations as well as beautiful clothes.
But one man's creations and passions stood out and by clicking the link below you can read more about it, and see some more pictures;


  • For real time updates from the workshop and all other things, please click the picture at the bottom for my FB site ;)
  • I do mostly "one off" items, many items just wont get redone, some will.
  • I do special orders, have a look in the Gallery for a folder called: Custom Orders, Mobile Updates.
  • If you are looking to do a TFP just contact me for the possibility.

Calendar Plan

  • 2017 Calender-in Progress
  • Clockwork Cabinate; Schloss Crailsheim, Rödelsee; 18-19th March
  • FaRK; Wassergarten in Landsweiler Reden; 25-27th August



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