Let's see, about me..

I'm Danish born, I much love the Nordic mythology.
I started working on Mean Little Skulls as a side project to decorate shooting sets for a girlfriend of mine which lead me into other things. I have a very scattered type of brain it's rooted in my deepest of all passions, Art! Paints, pencils and all kinds of paper, lol, I love to get creative with clay and newly discovered Fimo. I like to kinda see myself as an old time artist as I never studied art at any academy or school, I just learned by myself.
Plus to this day when I do sit down to make new things I still don't have a plan, when I sit there with my little chaotic table, things just happen, lol, so to say :)

I am not much for being in front of a camera but more behind it, mini photography is a passion of mine, I took photography classes for 3 years in school which is like 13 years ago and those cameras where not digital, lol, so when you see then pictures in my Photoshooting Gallery they are my first ones in 13 years :)

I believe in beauty in all, weather your a Steamie, Goth, Glitter Queen or High Fashion, weather your a Size Zero or an XXXL girl we all have something to offer, its just about how we feel in our own skin and how we feel about ourselves. The world has enough un-happy people in it and enough people that will be judge about looks, style and fashion choices, I try to stand above this and just try to make a change: A smile a day keeps the haters away ;)