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Tea Time in Saarland 2016


I love these Steampunks, great bunch of people, so alive and really connected to each other!

We have the pleasure to be part of their adventures quite a few times and I always have such a fantastic time!



Meet & Greet, Stuttgart 2016


Meeting new Steampunks in the beginning of the year was fantastic! We chatted and exchanged ideas, bonded over our love of art, fantasy and literature forging new friendships! 


Germany Comic Con, Dortmund 2015


Comic Con comes to Germany and naturally we had to visit, we had a great two days there. Meet many new fun people and had a great time chatting around. There was a fantastic mixture of people there from stars, cosplayers and between it all Steampunks!


Beaumonde, 2015


We had the pleasure to visit the Swiss Steampunkers by Beaumonde, we camped out, grilled and had a fantastic time meeting new exciting people!


FaRK-Messe, 2015


We love this event every time we get to take part! But 2015 was even more special for us as we had our FaRK flavoured steampunk inspired wedding there! An absolute unforgettable weekend!

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Clockwork Cabinet, 2015


I was the lucky receiver of an invitation to take part in this wonderful event in Nürnberg, in the most awesome location I have long seen! Decorated to the nine-in Victorian style! Totally fitting for the Steampunk event that took place!

Jules- Fantasy Market 2014


I visited the Jules Fantasy Market the 1-2nd November 2014, I just loved it wonderful experience, so much talent and positive people! Here you can see some of the wonderful things I saw, these pictures are not made for looks but for fun ;)

FaRK- Fantasy und Rollenspiel Konvent


I had the pleasure of taking part in FaRK- convention 2014, and I was just stunned, overwhelmed and so happy to have meet so many wonderful people! I didn't have time or get a chance to take many pictures, so these are the few I got from those two wonderful days!