Comic Con Germany, Stuttgart 2016

Comic Con Germany,

Stuttgart 2016


My love of nerdy things lead me to Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart, this previous weekend and it did not disappoint!

From comics to stars  it was packed with many great things. However what stood out to me, as a Steamie, was the tiny world of LEGO! There was many extremely beautiful structures and wonderful rebuilds of monuments ect. but one man stood out to us!

Mr.K.Pöttinger a member of the Bricking Bavaria Club, has started building Steampunk LEGO structures, as one of the first in Germany to do so, he told us his story of how he had discovered Steampunk LEGO. On a trip to the US he discovered a book on the subject and on his journey back home to Germany, he naturally had quite a few hours to kill, these he decided to spend on reading this new book. This book was  about the well established world of Steampunk LEGO in the US, and by the time his plane landed in his home country a new passion has set it's roots.

Brining this new passion to Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart this year, as the only one who displayed his Steampunk creations in LEGO, we meet a passionate and enthusiastic Mr. Pöttinger, who captured our attention and hearts, for what he is trying to bring to the attention of everyone; An undiscovered world of possibilities in Steampunk LEGO! As Steampunks we know how deep this passion can run for our style, world and designs. To this we want to highlight this man's creations for every one here today; Steampunk is more than just clothes, accessories and inventions. It's reaches to the world of building the small brinks of our childhood, where creating a whole little world of your own can be lived out! Living stories and fantasy worlds, we found a fellow soul in a world that was unknown to us, in the world of LEGO! Through this one man's  new found passion to build Steampunk LEGO worlds.

Daily Steampunk, 2015

Daily Steampunk


I started doing elaborate stuff for my steampunk costumes and I still do this, but then something else started to happen last year after I went to FaRK 2014.


I started to create smaller more subtle items for my daily life. There are many takes on what Steampunk can be, anything from Jules G. Verne were you feel machines and inventions are just a magical idea away from being discovered or even if you just like the classy Victorian dresses and accessories, its all connected and there are many many more things under this, these are just a few examples!
I like the idea that there is something so individual in the Steampunk lifestyle that there is an endless amount of room to find yourself, I for myself love krakens, gears, keys, watches ect. I could go on and on but I promise I won't.

So this is were I started to just devise smaller items and pieces I can wear with my day to day wardrobe to just keep the things I love so much about Steampunk closer to my heart. Then four months ago I decided to do a shoot based around this and I searched for a model for some time but as soon as I meet Jackie I knew I had my girl!


Not only does she have a beautiful personality but she is comfortable in her own skin and confident, it was just a perfect match. She brought a great deal of style and creativeness to the shoot on the day.
I believe in beauty in all sizes from a size zero to an xxxl model, it doesn't matter it's all about how you feel in your own skin, if your confident it will shine through and in this there is the beauty. Everyone has something to offer and this for me ties in perfectly with what Steampunk has to offer too: Individual style and taste, something for everyone!
We all look different in size and shape, we all choose our own style and this you can find here in Steampunk. Honestly that's why I love it most of all, because there is room for anyone and everyone, so no matter whatever your style is or your size as long as your happy with who you are, that is all that really counts!

Have a look here at Jackies photos, it was suppose to be just a test shoot but on this day she nailed it! The pictures took on a life of their own!

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Be nice to people around you, don't be mean just cause someone is different ;)